Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Outfit: Alphonse Mucha

There I am, back from the dead! (?)
A lot has happened lately. Firstly I would like to announce that I got my official diagnosis for ADD! That's really good news because it means I will be eligible for several kinds of therapy and medication which will hopefully benefit my mental health a lot.
It also means that the beastie has a name (one that I have suspected for years but it's finally official) and it means that there are perfectly scientific explanations for what I experience and what is troubling me.
So, yay! Happy me!

It's also spring! That's amazing! I enjoy every flower I see, I bask in the sun and am sooo happy that the days are getting longer! Here's a picture of a flower I made because flowers make me happy:

Spring also means nice outfits! I just got this dress in a few days ago and it's amazing. I love it! I have been a fan of Alphonse Mucha for years and he is a huge inspiration to me. I visited his museum in Prague as well and I have his posters on my wall. So naturally I had to have it. It also has the La Trappistine print on it on the other side of the dress.

As you can see the leggings have the same print as the dress. They are also by Black Milk Clothing! The fabric is different though so the colouring is slightly off but I still think it looks nice together. It might be a fashion faux pas but I like it and that's good.

I also dyed my hair a more springy green. It came out a bit too yellowish but I'll fix that in the next dye.

My shoes are by Miss L Fire and my blouse and belt are vintage. I made the hair bow myself.


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