Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy Outfit: Birds in Paradise

Hi everyone!

Another Happy Outfit post here!
For the new people, here's a short explanation of Happy Outfits.
Happy outfits are my own invention. When I moved out with my parents (and the day I started to make progress in getting 'better', I promised myself one thing: every day, after I get dressed, I have to look in the mirror and smile. If my outfit doesn't make me smile, it's not a good outfit. It's amazing how wearing happy clothing affects my mood and I wouldn't ever want anything else! It's probably the best thing I could have done in regards to try and turn around my depression. Flowers make me happy, and animals too. I like bright colours as well so my closet slowly started to fill with bright floral dresses and all the colours of the rainbow, and I threw my old black 'punk' clothes in the bin. Nothing wrong with punk (if it makes you happy, wear it!) but to me it was associated with my past and my misery, the very thing I was trying to uplift.
Wearing Happy Outfits is a very simple thing to do. I like outrageous and colourful clothing, but of course it doesn't have to be that way. Wear whatever makes you truly happy and make it a rule for yourself! It's still the best decision I have made in the process of turning the tide.

Todays happy outfit looks like this!

I was at my moms house today and she gave me a cardigan! I like the length, it matches perfectly with my skater dresses and vintage dresses! She made the flower decorations herself. Sewing on appliques is a great way to spice up old clothing!

The skater dress underneath is by Black Milk Clothing. I own a few of their dresses (I love their bright prints!) but I think this one is my favorite. The colours are so amazingly bright and the print is really sharp! The petticoat is by a lingerie brand called Starline Lingerie. My shoes are limited edition Wizard of Oz 'ruby slippers' by Harrods!

I didn't wear much makeup today. I wanted to give my skin a bit of a rest. I only coloured my eyebrows with 2AM by Sugarpill and I'm wearing Sleek Matte Me lipstick in Party Pink. The necklace was gifted to me by my aunt years ago.

I hope this outfit makes you as happy as it does me!


  1. You look stunning! Yellow suits you so well Jopie :-) Keep bringing the stunning happy outfits :-)

    I suffer depression for many years now and sadly clothing hasn't helped me much, but I know that taking care of my appearance, in fact, dóes ( cream here, cream there, facial masks etc). It is hard to get myself to it, but once I have done it, it makes me feel a little brighter :-)

    1. I feel you! Indeed it does not cure my depression, that needs much more work than just a 'happy' outfit, but it sure makes me feel loads better than wearing jeans with a grey sweater. :) wearing whatever makes you feel good makes my day a whole lot brighter! Of course, it's easier to just stay in home in your pajamas all day (and I admit I still have days where my anxieties prevent me from leaving the house) but if I pull through it I'll be rewarded :)

  2. Wow! I love this outfit so much! I have the Birds in Paradise skater on the way to me, so I might have to copy how you styled it :) After I've finished my exams I'm going to try to put more effort into my outfits too, to see if they'll make me happy ^_^

    1. You won't regret buying the dress! It's one of my favorites and I own over 70 dresses (I guess I have a bit of a problem there.. :p) Good luck with awesome styling, I would love to see your own 'happy outfits' :D