Thursday, 26 June 2014

Happy Outfit: Esmeralda

One of the most awesome festivals of the year is coming up: Castlefest!
Castlefest is a pagan, hippy and fantasy festival held every first weekend of August in Kasteel de Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands. I've been going there since the first one was held when I was 13 and I've never skipped one. It's customary to make or buy some kind of costume; be it pagan or fantasy related. I really like making costumes and I've been making them for Castlefest and other festivals for years and years.
 My costumes are usually elaborate, featuring hoopskirts or wings, or both. They're not very easy to move in so I'm mostly just posing for the photographers (there are a LOT!).

However, Castlefest is a festival with such an amazing ambiance that after last year I've really wanted something to be able to move and breathe in, and something that would allow me to dance to the music played there by the numerous folk bands and to walk around, eat delicious organic food and just celebrate.

However, I still wanted a special outfit of some kind. My boyfriend asked me a couple of times if I could cosplay Esmeralda from the Hunchback of the Notre Dame (I did a cosplay of Cinderella and Prince Charming with him in April), and I thought Esmeralda's outfit to be perfect for a festival like Castlefest.

Today I went out to hunt for second hand clothing that I might be able to use for the costume and boy, did I find loads!

At the Waterlooplein-market in Amsterdam there's stands with just heaps of secondhand clothing for only €1,- each. 90% of it is utter crap. I was searching for a white gypsy crop top with big puff sleeves and a light purple maxi skirt or something to turn into a maxi skirt - I found a maxi dress in a suitable colour so I didn't really think or look at it carefully - just took it out of the heap and paid for it.
I found a crop top too. It just needs a wider neckline and buttons at the front!

However, when I took out the maxi dress when I got home and tried it on to see how the fit was like, I saw this when I looked into the mirror:

Oh my god! Look at that fit and colour! Stunning!


No way I'm going to cut that into pieces! Absolutely beautiful, and that only for 1 euro! I'll just have to find a way to hide the rest of the dress under the crop top and corset then.. ;)

I tried to make a quick Esmeralda-inspired and wearable outfit. I used the crop top I bought too - I still have to adapt it but it looks nice like this too doesn't it? I have a wig too but it needs styling so I'm not wearing it here.

I added the green scarf to incorporate a bit of the green of the corset she is wearing. I ordered a corset but it hasn't arrived yet so I could not wear it either. However, I still think this looks nice and I'll probably wear it out some time soon!

I'll post pictures when the costume is done!


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