Monday, 7 July 2014

Happy place: Noordermarkt

Since I suddenly have a very busy day job (of which I've talked about in my last post) I don't really have much time for myself anymore. I am an introvert and sometimes I just need to have a relax day to do things without hurrying and in my own way. Today was one of those days. It was quite simple but I feel charged again for another five days of work!
I went to the Noordermarkt today. It's a fabric and vintage/antique/ethnic market held every Monday in Amsterdam. I often go there to shop for fabrics and habedashery, as it's often crazy cheap there!

Today was just perfect. The weather was really nice and even though I love to be in Nature, I can really appreciate the busy every-day Amsterdam day.

Some of the fabric stands just looked mouthwatering.

Habedashery! I love it.

They also sold fruit and organic stuff! So I had to buy some! Now I see this picture I really regret not buying any cherries. I bought organic spelt pasta, avocados, spelt bread, baked apple chips and hemp seeds though.

I bought chiffon in two colours for my Esmeralda costume, and some decorative bands and beads for her scarf. I'm also busy with a different project that's going to require a lot of work. I needed beads and embroidery silk as I am going to embroider loads and loads. I had a lovely chat with the lady at the stand about embroidery! I will post about my 'new' project later on when I have something more to show you :)

This is everything I bought together on my furry rug. The pink chiffon is for Esmeralda's headscarf, and the purple is for her waist scarf. The gold band below is for on the corset and the band next to it and the beads are for the waist scarf. The embroidery silk and green lace is for my new project. Here's a tiny sneak preview of it.


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