Friday, 4 July 2014

My new job!

I  really wanted to write a blog post about my new job. I'm thrilled to announce that I currently work at the most beautiful shop in Amsterdam! I took the pictures in this blog post off the website because it's not allowed to take pictures in the shop and I, of course, respect that as an employee.

I have been a regular visitor of Chimera for years and years. I remember when I was about 12 years old, that I would save up for ages to buy jewellery, figurines and art books there. At that time, they still had a shop in a smaller space at the other side of the road. I've left my CV there multiple times, and honestly, if there was one shop in the Netherlands where I would want to work, it would be Chimera.

The ambiance and creative styling of the shop are just breathtaking and very relaxing at the same time. I used to go there and just walk around for an hour or so to calm me down. Even if I didn't have money to buy something, I still liked to be there, just because of the calm atmosphere and the many creative things all around. I guess I could've called this a 'happy place' even before I was actively trying to get better from my depression.

I've been working there for two days now. I must admit that I've got alot shoved up my plate in the first days but I've never really felt stressed because the mood that the shop radiates just calms me down and makes me happy. It makes it very easy to work there and I get inspired by everything around me. Even though my anxieties sometimes make it hard for me to do what I want; this shop helps me to be and stay myself.

This is the view from the counter. Isn't it stunning? Chimera is part of a family business and they haven't really hired anyone in years, so I was very fortunate to get to work here! One of my new colleagues even said that I looked familiar to her - perhaps it was because I've been coming there for years and years! :)

I am incredibly happy! I will be working there full time for two months, and hopefully I can continue on the weekends once I start with my second university year.

I think this could easily be called the job of my dreams. I love it to bits and I am so thrilled to be actually working there! As if you didn't get that earlier ;) I think you could definitely categorize this as a 'happy job'!

You can check out their website here: Fantasy Shop Chimera. If you happen to be in Amsterdam, you should really come and visit us! Even if you don't want to buy anything it's still a beautiful place to visit. Anyway, I hope I will be there to be of service to you!


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