Sunday, 4 May 2014

Back to my roots!

Yesterday me and my boyfriend Ramon went to visit my birth city: 's Hertogenbosch (or Den Bosch for short). I've been there a couple of times but I've mostly just passed through quickly and never really took my time to wander around for a day. I've moved out there when I was a baby and never really lived outside of Amsterdam since. I love Amsterdam but I love to visit other places as well!

I was quite impressed with Den Bosch! It has a very cute old city center with canals, portals, small shops, cafes and trees.

I was especially in love with the small canals and the way some of the houses were built over them, and the little gardens that you could see hidden between the houses everywhere.

We went for a coffee in the afternoon. We visited one of the most beautiful fabric shops I've ever seen and bought some new buttons for Ramon's vintage blazer jacket. Replacing the buttons is a great and subtle way of upgrading your boring piece of clothing! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the fabric and habedashery shop.

I do have a picture of this shop. It looked so cute with the chalk drawings! I wanted to have everything they sold, hehe.

We also went for a stroll on a beautiful promenade with a lovely view.

And as I like attention for details - I loved the colour and the texture of the lichen on the wall!

At the end of the day we drank a beer. I don't usually drink beer because of my intolerance for carbonated drinks. But this 'Tasty Lady' was certainly worth the stomach ache today!

We had a blast! Den Bosch is certainly a city that's worth a mention in my passport!


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