Thursday, 1 May 2014

Today's Happy Outfit

'Happy outfits' are my own invention. I discovered a few years back when looking at my teenage photos that  my mood really reflects in the way I dress. So I discovered that if I put something on that makes me smile, it will automatically uplift my mood.
When I moved out of my parents' house I made this a rule for myself. Every day I have to put on an outfit that makes me happy. This is probably the best thing I could have ever done.
Now, years later, I ditched the jeans (they make me feel like a grey mouse and they never fit anyway) and filled my closet with a great number of brightly coloured dresses, tops, and skirts. I like dresses with wide skirts and floral prints because, well, they make me happy. What kind of clothing makes you happy?

I sometimes kind of go overboard with the happy outfits. Today I wore a lovely rockabilly dress by Bernie Dexter with vintage shoes from the 70's. I love this dress because the colours are bright and I love floral prints (my closet is full of them!). The petticoat is from Hell Bunny.

I dyed my hair purple/pink a couple of days back. It's the first time I dyed my hair in a bright colour but I love it! Since I am growing out my bangs and they are of an awkward length I decided to pin them up with a victory roll - perfectly fitting for a rockabilly dress!

My necklace is my mom's. She had it for a long time and then gave it to me because she didn't really wear it
I love it and I like to wear it as it reminds me of her.

My eyes are done with mostly Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows, you can get them at or in Europe at They are amazingly pigmented! I am wearing Dollipop on my eyebrows and Buttercupcake, Tako and Acidberry, and a little bit of Bulletproof.The only non-Sugarpill eyeshadow is in my crease and is from Lime Crime. It's called Jade-o-Lade. My lipstick is also from Lime Crime and it's called Centrifuchsia. You can get it at their website


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