Thursday, 8 May 2014

Happy Outfit: The Ultimate Floral Dress

I woke up this morning by the bell. The postman!
I had been performing (fire breathing to be exact) the night before, and I rolled in bed at 1:30 AM without taking off my makeup. He must've gotten quite a shock seeing me like that!

The postman brought me this beautiful dress. It's vintage and from the 80s. I already have one that looks similar but it doesn't fit me that well so I simply could not resist when I found this at Intrigue You Forever Vintage on Etsy for a steal. I really love the quality and it fits me so well!

Once, I have made myself the promise that every morning after I get dressed, I have to look in the mirror and get happy. This is probably one of the most important decisions I've made in getting better. Wearing brightly coloured, beautiful things make me happy, so my closet is filled with them.

Every time I find something like this dress I think it's the Ultimate Floral Dress. However, a few months later I'll usually find another Ultimate Floral Dress. I have quite a few Ultimate Floral Dresses in my closet by now!

I made the hair flowers myself. The shoes are from Ebay and were used in my Cinderella costume. The necklace was my mother's!

I kind of had the feeling that I had to cover my face in makeup as it looked so horrible this morning. Glad I didn't! I really like this soft look.

The eyeshadows I used on this look are Spellbound and Love Potion no. 9 by Lime Crime and a teensy bit of Dollipop by Sugarpill. I used Sleek Matte Me matte gloss in Party Pink on my lips.


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