Saturday, 3 May 2014

Today's Happy Outfit

I was looking in my closet today for unusual combinations when I stumbled upon a dress that used to be one of my absolute favorites but that I don't really wear anymore. It's one of the first rockabilly dresses I bought and I think that, with this dress, my love for vintage floral dresses began. I never looked back!

The dress and petticoat are both by Hell Bunny. Shoes: TUK, blouse: H&M.

I'm at my boyfriend's this weekend and he told me I had to wear my purple blouse some day as he liked it on me. So a combination was born! I really like it together, even though my hair is a slight mismatch. I've had the blouse for years, I'm not even sure when I got  it but I think it was on one the mom-takes-me-out-to-buy-basics-shopping-sprees in my teens. Because I never buy basics. I still don't.
I got the lilac tights for christmas and I didn't really know how to wear them but they turned out to be surprisingly versatile.

I made the ribbon in my hair myself with a piece of wire in it. It is, in my opinion, a great way to get your hair out of your face without looking like you are wearing an alice band in your hair.

The eyeshadows are by Sugarpill (Mochi, Bulletproof, Tako, Poison Plum) and Coastal Scents. The lipstick is by Lime Crime and is called Poisonberry.


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